Feeding the Hungry
Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission currently provides approximately 5,000 delicious and nutritious meals per month to the homeless men and women off the streets of Skid Row. Some of this food is donated by various Southern California businesses, but much of the food must be purchased.

Sheltering the Homeless
Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission has shower facilities and approximately 50 beds, providing a clean, safe haven for those seeking shelter from the elements and street life of downtown Los Angeles.

Clothing the Poor
Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission receives donated men’s clothing and maintains a used clothing bank for the homeless people on Skid Row and the men enrolled in the Mission’s Bible Program.

Preaching to the Lost
Before homeless men and women can receive food, shelter or clothing, they must listen to a gospel message in the Mission chapel. Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission holds two evangelistic services per day, with many Independent Baptist churches supporting this ministry by conducting many of these services. Several local Spanish Baptist churches also conduct a weekly evangelistic service in Spanish. 

Discipling the Converts
Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission offers new converts the opportunity to grow in the Lord through the Bible Program. The Program men are required to complete the minimum 60 day course but are encouraged to continue in the course for up to one year. Through the Bible Program, new converts learn basic Bible doctrine, personal discipline, and fellowship with other believers at the Mission. After completion of this program, some of these new converts remain at the Mission as interns and continue to grow in their walk with the Lord.