Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission has been a beacon of the gospel in the heart of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles since 1953.
Since its founding, the Mission has served over three million meals and has provided physical rest and refuge to tens of thousands of homeless people. More importantly, Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission has provided a gospel witness to hundreds of thousands of homeless men and women whom society has marginalized and written off. Many of these people have had their sins forgiven and their hearts changed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ and have gone on to serve the Lord in various churches and ministries

Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission is truly a lighthouse in a world of danger, darkness and despair. The men and women of Skid Row are in physical and spiritual poverty, and most are in bondage to drugs, alcohol and other addictions. They have lost all connections with family and society. Meeting their physical needs—giving a cup of cold water—in compassion, will often open their hearts to the gospel. EBRM is uniquely situated to minister to large numbers of these lost people, and few places afford the opportunity to preach the gospel to such a concentration of lost men and women as Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Please pray for this ministry, and consider giving as the Lord leads to support the work at Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission.


Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission Provides temporary shelter, hot meals and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those persons that find themselves without home, food and are socially dislocated, friendly hands of mercy cater to an assembly of diverse ethnic origins that have come to share a common denominator. Preaching the Word of God and serving to his children is a great experience. 

Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission is located at:  
530 East 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013-2108

Phone: 213.626.4681